Hi there and thanks for dropping in to check out this small corner of the internet where I consume a teeny-tiny portion of no-doubt precious bandwidth to blabber on about (primarily) videogames but also (on occasion) other geeky crap that I foolishy elected to devote my interest to at some point.

I am currently new-ish to this WordPress thing so stick with me and I will hopefully develop my little patch into something (possibly) more interesting and accomplished professional halfway respectable. Yeah…I’m a self-depreciating kinda guy if you hadn’t noticed.

With that out of the way, let me introduce myself properly: my real name is Rich and I hail from the UK. I’ve been playing videogames ever since I used to get a rare go on Sonic The Hedgehog or Streets of Rage II on my Uncle’s Mega Drive. From there on, it was all about the Playstation when Dad brought one home out of blue (around 1998-ish I think) and then the Gameboy Colour and Pokemon Red Version (a true 90’s schoolyard obsession that I fell victim to, like so many millions of other lads my age). All of that was genesis and led to piles of consoles and games of my own in the years that followed. The current ‘fleet’ consists of (listathon time – yay!) PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Wii-U, Gamecube, 3DS, DS, GBA, GBC, PSVita, PSP, Saturn and Mega Drive so I have a good mix of modern, retro and handheld systems to piss about with. In addition, I have also previously owned heaps of other stuff including big guns such as the SNES, N64, Xbox, Wii and Dreamcast plus many lesser-known, tragic lumps of plastic such as the 3DO, 32X and Jaguar.

I’ve been writing about games for a while too across blogs, forums and a few small bits that were featured in Retro Gamer magazine once upon a time. Writing in general is something that I have always enjoyed. I don’t profess to be a pro of any sort or the owner of particularly sharp rapier wit but I’d say I’m “alright” and like to shoot from the hip with regards to my opinions on things. Sometimes that can result in some weird content or controversial angles but that’s just how I am and how it will be here on Darkstalker90 Gaming.

Thanks again for dropping in. Hopefully you will find something you like!