The End (sort of)

I’ve taken the decision to cease posting on this blog. My renewal for my site plan and domain name are due in a week’s time but I will be cancelling them. This is partly personal (I want to simplify and streamline my life, including online activities), partly because I don’t feel I am getting my money’s worth. The site plan + domain name cost just over £50 a year and, while that might not sound like much cash to worry about (it works out at less than £1 a week), it’s still a product that I’m paying for and not getting anywhere near the most out of. I simply don’t post enough.

“So post more frequently then,” I hear you say. I wish I could. However, I don’t feel as fired up about games and the videogame industry as I once did. My weekly play time is at an all-time low, I have no interest in the upcoming new generation of consoles (and the games which all look the same as what we have now), and I simply don’t have a lot to say. Don’t get me wrong, I DO still enjoy gaming and hopefully always will do, but I just don’t enjoy writing about games as much as I used to.

So is this The End? Not entirely. You see, I also have a second blog. It’s a bit different to this one as I tend to write about politics, self-improvement/development, current events etc. But I also review books and the odd movie. It’s a bit of everything with no real cohesion – suicide for a blog that wants to go somewhere I suppose, but I’m not doing it for the money or fame. Going forward, I will be posting any videogame-related thoughts on this other blog which you can find here. I want to continue blogging, but I would rather just manage (and pay for!) the one blog. I can sprinkle videogame-related content into my other jack-of-all-trades blog but I can’t post that stuff here.

I’m not asking that anybody follow that blog or migrate across. First of all, I’m not big-headed enough to consider Darkstalker90 Gaming any kind of internet success that people love to come back to. Secondly, I’m fully aware that the other topics that dominate Unfiltered Opinion won’t be of any interest to a lot of you.

All I’m saying is that it’s there and, if you still want to read any videogame reviews or associated thoughts from the muddy depths of my brain, that’s where they will be published from now on.

Cheers for the views, likes and comments that I’ve received here. I appreciate it.

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